Environmental Power

FTVS Environmental Statement

“Our environmental mission is to help the industry’s transformation to a sustainable future when using our power and lighting hire services. We are committed to finding and using the latest environmentally-friendly film, TV power, distribution and lighting technology available”.

  • In March 2021 we switched our primary fuel source to Green D+ HVO, a fossil-free fuel made with waste fat and vegetable oils. GreenD+ is used in both our road and generator engines.
  • Our Generator’s road engines & power units are serviced, either by the company that built the vehicles, or at approved, specialist facilities.
  • To minimise wear & tear on our vehicles, reduce mileage and therefore emissions, we maintain strategically located regional bases.
  • Our experienced logistical planning team ensure that the fleet is deployed effectively and, with our environmental footprint in mind, efficiently and responsibly.
  • Our real-time tracking & fleet management system means that we have the option to re-route the units in response to operational requirements or short notice changes.
  • In 2019 We relocated from London to new Headquarters in Slough. This took us out of an area where traffic and pollution are growing issues and gives us much quicker access to the motorway & major road network.
  • The building was completely repurposed to our specification. Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning is provided by low energy units and all lights in the building are LED low-energy fittings, motion-controlled throughout, switching off when a room or zone is unoccupied.
  • Day-to-day waste is separated and is collected by Suez Waste Management.
  • Our oil waste by-products are collected and disposed of by a specialist contractor.
  • Our Electrical & Electronic waste is disposed of in accordance with national WEEE regulations.
  • In September 2019 we signed up to Shell Oil’s Carbon Offset Scheme where our donations help to combat climate change.
  • Our electricity supplier’s tariff features100% renewable electricity providing Carbon Neutral Energy

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